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  • Shadden Alfadhil

    Shadden Alfadhil

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Semantics & Pragmatics, Syntax, Morphology, Language Documentation


  • Jim Blevins

    Jim Blevins

    Chair of the Faculty Assembly Executive of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)

    Director of the Psycholinguistics Lab


    morphology, syntax, quantitative linguistics, history of ideas


  • Summer Chambers

    Summer Chambers

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Computational Linguistics, Automated Speech Recognition, Language Documentation/Revitalization, Phonetics, Sociolinguistics (Gender and Neurodiversity)

  • Adam A Cutter

    Adam A Cutter

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Computational Linguistics, Syntax, Distributional Semantics, Typology, Morphology, Historical Linguistics


  • Matt Kelley

    Matt Kelley

    Director of the Phonetics and Phonology Lab

    Assistant Professor

    phonetics, spoken word recognition, computational methods, speech perception, speech acoustics, automatic speech recognition, speech technology

  • Jordan Akane Kidd

    Jordan Akane Kidd

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Amy Lam

    Amy Lam

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Cynthia Lukyanenko

    Cynthia Lukyanenko

    Director of the Processing and Acquisition Lab (PALM)

    Assistant Professor

    child language acquisition, morphology, morphosyntax, language variation, real-time language comprehension


  • Giulia Masella Soldati

    Giulia Masella Soldati

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Phonetics, Phonology, Second Language Acquisition, Language Documentation and Revitalization

  • Janalyn A. Miklas

    Janalyn A. Miklas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Phonetics, Phonology, Second Language Acquisition



  • Sylvia L.R. Schreiner

    Sylvia L.R. Schreiner


    Director of the Language Documentation Lab

    Associate Professor

    Syntax, morphology, semantics, language documentation and revitalization; Scottish Gaelic, St. Lawrence Island / Siberian Yupik; aspect, tense, mood, modality; Distributed Morphology; roots and categories; nominals and nominal functional structure.


  • Haley A Vandervort

    Haley A Vandervort

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Acoustic phonetics; Laboratory phonology; Atypical speech; Classification models of speech


  • Géraldine Walther

    Géraldine Walther

    Head for the Concentration in Computational Linguistics (CMPL) in the MS in Data Analytics Engineering (DAEN)

    Director of the Computational Linguistics Lab

    Assistant Professor

    Computational Linguistics, Linguistic Typology, Language and cognition, Morphology, Syntax, Language documentation

  • stvn h. weinberger

    stvn h. weinberger

    Emeritus Faculty

    phonetics, phonology, second language acquisition, speech accents, alien language

  • Douglas J Wulf

    Douglas J Wulf

    Associate Professor

    Application of linguistics to TESL, formal semantics and the semantics-pragmatics interface, historical linguistics, computational linguistics