James P Blevins

James P Blevins

James P Blevins


Selected Publications

Chuang, Yu-Ying, Kaidi Lõo, James P. Blevins & R. Harald Baayen. 2019. Estonian case inflection made simple: A case study in Word and Paradigm morphology with Linear Discriminative Learning. In Complex Words. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Blevins, James P., Petar Milin & Michael Ramscar. 2017. The Zipfian Paradigm Cell Filling Problem. In Perspectives on Morphological Structure: Data and Analyses, ed. by F. Kiefer, J. P. Blevins, and H. Bartos. Leiden: Brill, 141–158.

Blevins, James P. 2016. Word and Paradigm Morphology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Ackerman, Farrell, James P. Blevins & Robert Malouf. 2009. Parts and wholes: Implicative patterns in inflectional paradigms. In Analogy in Grammar: Form and Acquisition, ed. by J. P. Blevins and J. Blevins. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 54–81.

Blevins, James P. 2008. Declension classes in Estonian. Linguistica Uralica 44(4), 241–267.

Blevins, James P. (2006). Word-based morphology. Journal of Linguistics 42(3), 531–573.