Jim P Blevins

Jim P Blevins

Jim P Blevins


morphology, syntax, quantitative/computational linguistics, history of ideas

Current positions

Professor/Linguistics & Interim Director/GLOA, GMU

Previous employment

1997–2019 Linguistics, University of Cambridge
1992–1996 Linguistics, University of Western Australia
1989–1992 Technical Staff, MCC

Current Research

  1. Demarcating linguistic units. Issue: There are no cross-linguistically valid definitions of ‘words’ or other units. Goals: Reconstruct traditional units in terms of statistical patterns. Outline a model of linguistic analysis in terms of relations between units, so that a linguistic system is organized into networks of relations, not into inventories and arrangements of elements.
  2. Estimating morphological sparsity. Issue: The morphological input that a speaker encounters is more sparse and biased than previously assumed. But it is not known exactly how the structure of the input varies across languages. Goals Estimate inflectional (and derivational) family size from corpora in typologically diverse languages. Classify the elements that occur in the ‘head’ and ‘tail’ of word frequency distributions and model how clusters of attested forms exhaust the inflectional (and derivational) variation in a language.
  3. Measuring paradigmatic informativeness. Issue: Techniques exist for quantifying the information supplied by paradigmatic co-variation within a system. But existing techniques are limited and there are no large-scale cross-linguistic estimates of informativeness. Goals: Estimate informativeness of inflected forms within a large typological sample. Model strategies for ‘pooling’ variation by attested elements of word and inflection classes that allow speaker to extrapolate morphological systems from subsets of forms.
  4. Refurbishing our foundations: Issue: Recent developments in probabilistic and data-driven paradigms have placed contemporary linguistics on new foundations. Goal: Contribute to a constructive synthesis of legacy formal linguistic approaches that can help to clarify the key intrinsic limitations that impeded progress in the language sciences over the past century.

Selected Publications

Marzi, Claudia, James P. Blevins, Geert Booij, and Vito Pirrelli. 2020. Inflection at the morphology-syntax interface. In Word Knowledge and Word Usage: A Cross-disciplinary Guide to the Mental Lexicon, ed. by V. Pirrelli, I. Plag, and W. U. Dressler. Berlin: De Gruyter, 228–294.

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Ackerman, Farrell, Robert Malouf, and James P. Blevins. 2016. Patterns and discriminability in language analysis. Word Structure 9(2), 132–155.

Expanded Publication List

Milin, Petar, and James P. Blevins. 2020. Paradigms in morphology. In The Oxford Encylopedia of Morphology, ed. by R. Lieber, S. Arndt-Lappe, A. Fàbregas, C. Gagné, and F. Masini. Oxford: OUP.

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Courses Taught

Number Topic Semester(s)
ENGH 301 The Fields of English Fall 2020
LING 306 General linguistics Fall 2019
LING 522 Modern English grammar Spring 2020, 2021
LING 650 Introduction to Sociolinguistics Spring 2021
LING 686 Special topics: Morphology Fall 2019, 2020


1990 PhD in Linguistics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
1983 Honours BA in English and Philosophy, Bishop’s University