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  • Harim Kwon

    Harim Kwon

    Assistant Professor

    phonetics, phonology, speech perception, speech production


  • Cynthia Lukyanenko

    Cynthia Lukyanenko

    Assistant Professor

    language acquisition, morphology, morphosyntax, language variation


  • Sylvia L.R. Schreiner

    Sylvia L.R. Schreiner

    Assistant Professor

    Syntax, morphology, language documentation and revitalization; Scottish Gaelic, St. Lawrence Island / Siberian Yupik; aspect, tense, mood, modality; Distributed Morphology; roots and categories; nominals and nominal functional structure.


  • steven h. weinberger

    steven h. weinberger

    Associate Professor

    phonetics, phonology, second language acquisition, speech accents, alien language

  • Douglas J Wulf

    Douglas J Wulf


    Associate Professor

    Application of linguistics to TESL, formal semantics and the semantics-pragmatics interface, historical linguistics, computational linguistics