Dr. Steven Weinberger and Dr. Jill Nelson Awarded Provost’s Multidisciplinary Research Grant

Dr. Steven Weinberger (Linguistics) and Jill Nelson, (Electrical Engineering) were awarded a tier 2 ($25,000) Provost’s Multidisciplinary Research Grant for their project: Machine Learning for Crowdsourced Phonetic Transcription/Identification of Accented Speech.

Dr. Weinberger and Dr. Nelson are developing a collaborative project at the intersection of phonological speech analysis and computational signal processing to address the challenge of collecting and evaluating phonetic transcriptions of accented speech. The development of a fast and accurate transcription method for accented speech has a variety of applications, not only in second language acquisition, but particularly in automatic accent determination (linguistic forensics).

For more information, visit the Provost's 2016 Multidisciplinary Research Initiatives Page.