Q & A with Graduate Christa Grant

Q & A with Graduate Christa Grant

What interests you about linguistics? Why did you choose to pursue it? 
​Before enrolling in Mason's linguistics program, I had been teaching ESL for about five years.  I had learned a lot through teaching, but I wanted a better grounding in theory, especially in the areas of applied linguistics and second language acquisition.

Why did you choose to come to Mason for linguistics? 
​I decided to come to Mason primarily because it was a practical choice for me (I live close by), but the added bonus is that Mason is located in such a linguistically diverse area.  The D.C. metro area is a fantastic place to be if you're interested in this field!  The professors here are knowledgeable and really invested in what they do, so I am happy I made the choice to attend Mason.

What did you research while you were here at Mason?
I'm currently working on completing my thesis on methods of feedback within second-language writing.  This area within applied linguistics is really interesting to me, and I hope for more opportunities to research this in the future.

What would you say about your time here?
​I came here to deepen my knowledge so that I would be a better ESL instructor; the courses I took as part of the TESL certificate program definitely helped me develop in this way.  I've also been able to take advantage of some great opportunities through Mason, such as working as an ESL specialist in the Writing Center and teaching at NOVA as an ESL fellow.  I hadn't expected, however, to be so fascinated by other areas within linguistics, like syntax and phonology.  I find myself looking at language in a completely different way now.

What are you planning on doing after graduation?
I will continue to teach ESL, but I'm looking forward to branching into other areas.  I love writing and curriculum development, and have seriously considered moving in that direction.  I'd like to do more research, as well.  Ultimately, I'd like to get my PhD in applied linguistics.  All in good time!