Q & A with Graduate Aseel Alammar

Q & A with Graduate Aseel Alammar

What interests you about linguistics? Why did you choose to pursue it?

My undergraduate degree included English literature, linguistics and a little bit of translation. Although my concentration was in literature, linguistics was by far the discipline that I enjoyed the most. I was, and still am, fascinated with the complexities of speech and the principles underlying human languages.


Why did you choose to come to Mason for linguistics?

The main reason I chose Mason was my interest in studying theoretical linguistics in particular. Mason provides the perfect combination of accomplished research-minded faculty and great university resources. The faculty presents a wide range of expertise in linguistics including phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, and first and second language acquisition. This provides a great opportunity to further develop my knowledge of linguistic theory.


What would you say about your time here?

So far, studying linguistics at Mason has been an amazing experience. At Mason, I was able to put my developing knowledge of linguistics into practice through hands-on experience with the Speech Accent Archive and working with the IAMGEORGEMASON project.


What are you planning on doing after graduation?

After this semester, I will be back for the fall to start the PhD program. I wish to pursue a career in academia where I can teach linguistics as well as contribute to the current research in the field.