Sylvia Schreiner joins us as Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Sylvia Schreiner joins us as Assistant Professor of Linguistics. Her research is in syntax, morphology, semantics, and language documentation. Much of her work to date has focused on the morphosyntax and semantics of tense, aspect, mood, and modality. She has worked on documenting Scottish Gaelic since 2007, and is now co-leading a project documenting St. Lawrence Island Yupik. She received her BA in Classical Studies from Carleton College and her MA and PhD in Linguistics from the University of Arizona. Before arriving at Mason, she was a Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Linguistics at Wheaton College (Massachusetts) and Visiting Assistant Professor in Linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This semester she is teaching Graduate Introduction to Linguistics and Syntax II. She also likes to run, cook, and eat (often in that order).