LING 485: Semantics and Pragmatics

LING 485-001: Semantics and Pragmatics
(Spring 2020)

07:20 PM to 10:00 PM W

Robinson Hall B218

Section Information for Spring 2020

This course delves into the study of meaning as part of linguistic theory. For many linguists familiar with syntax or phonology, semantics remains a theoretical terra incognita. The exact nature of meaning is a profound question, and the issue of how properly to conduct the semantic enterprise has long been controversial. However, recent decades have seen significant advances made under a truth-conditional, model-theoretic framework. This approach to semantics is presented, contrasted with others, and related to the disciplines of syntax and pragmatics. Various semantic phenomena in natural language are discussed.

Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Developments in theoretical linguistics that explore how language form is related to meaning and context. Topics include reference, lexical semantics, logic, quantification, truth conditions and sentential meaning, presuppositions, and speech acts. Limited to three attempts.
Recommended Prerequisite: LING 306.
Schedule Type: Lecture

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