College of Humanities and Social Sciences


MA in English

The Master’s in English at Mason offers students the opportunity to enhance their skills of reading, writing, research and teaching with courses that encompass the wide range of contemporary English studies. Students can work in and across concentrations in Literature, Professional Writing, Rhetoric, Cultural Studies, Film, Folklore, Linguistics, and the Teaching of Writing and Literature. It offers the MA in field-specific concentrations as well as the opportunity to combine a concentration in one field with a Certificate from another one. Students use the MA for professional enhancement, or as an entry into teaching, professional writing, or doctoral study.

Students pursuing the MA in English choose one concentration: cultural studies, linguistics, literature, professional writing and rhetoric, or the teaching of writing and literature. For more information, see Degree Requirements above. There are also PDFs of advising sheets for each concentration available here.


film literature folklore writing linguistics rhetoric english
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